Candy Arrangements

Made for fun!  A candy arrangement can bring smile to anyone’s face.  Made with your favorite miniature candies.

Text Box: Themed Candy Arrangements

To contact us:  CASSI dba Candy Dreams and More

Phone: Phone: 903-883-1050 or 972-771-9603


Have a cup ‘o candy made as you like it.  Pick out the cup from our selection and add the candy arrangement to it for just $19.95.

Pictured on the left is our I Love You Because arrangement.


Candy arrangements can be made in any of our theme boxes, you choose the theme and pick the candy.

Pictured on the left is our “You’re a Star” theme.

Item:  00325     $ 32.95

Item: 00332cp    $  30.90

Item: 01471       $32.95

Patriotic Theme—Blue box with an American Flag.  Contains pop rocks, Reese's peanut butter cups, snickers, butterfingers, twix and Lindt truffles or pick your own candies.


Text Box: Other Theme Boxes

Heart Theme—White outlined hearts, varying colors and sizes says

Be Mine toyour

valentine. Contains an assortment of miniature candy bars and Lindt truffles.

Item: 01460 ea      $32.95

Item: 01460 ea      $32.95

Rose Heart Theme—Pink rose heart surrounded by red roses to say I Love You to your valentine. 

Contains an assortment of miniature candy bars and Lindt truffles.