Stuffed Animals

Text Box: Ty Babies

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Phone: Phone: 903-883-1050 or 972-771-9603


Fairytale Beanie—This Unicorn is completely pink.

Ratzo— This giant rat is a  Ty Classic.  Hot pink with  white feet and muzzle.

Item:  01089        $  12.95

Item:          $12 .95

Vegas—A Ty Beanie.


Item: 0506            $10.95

Item: 1335         $ 14.95

Wonderfully cuddly friends for you and the ones you love.  Ty animals are in limited quantities.  Beanies, Buddies & Classics

Item: 505            $14.97

Avalon —A Ty Pony Beanie. Hot pink mane and hooves with a pale pink body . 


Ty Always Bear—Beanie. A cutie with a red rose.

Item:  00475       $  12.95

Ty Texas Bear—Beanie. Has I (heart) Texas on the left shoulder.

Item:  00402        $  14.95

Ty Happy Birthday Bear—Beanie. A present and Happy Birthday on the foot makes a great present.

Item:  00400       $  14.95

Ty Happy Birthday Bear—Buddy. A bear with a party hat makes a great celebration.

Item:  01084       $  14.97

Ty #1 Bear—Buddy. A bear with a #1 on his left shoulder.

Item:  01089        $  12.95

Ty Parfum the Poodle—Buddy. Pretty and pink, soft and cuddly.

Ty Blessed Bear—Beanie. A beanie angel, soft and sweet.

Item:  01084       $  14.95

Ty Bianca the cat—Buddy. White kitten with long furry tail.   SOLD OUT

Item:  010394        $  12.95