Stuffed Animals

Text Box: Ty Babies

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Ty 2004 Holiday BearóBeanie. White bear with Red ribbon.

Secret Bearó This bear is a  Ty Beanie.† Red bear has a Love You heart and red ribbon around its neck

Item:  01089        $  12.95

Item: 1087         $8 .95

Yours Truly BearsóThese bears are a Ty Classic.  One white bear, one white bear with an I Love You heart in the middle.


Item: 01091            $19.95

Item: 00865         $ 12.95

Wonderfully cuddly friends for you and the ones you love.  Ty animals are in limited quantities.  Beanies, Buddies & Classics

Item: 1090            $9.97

Truly BearóThis bear is a Ty Beanie.  One white bear, two red hearts hanging from its neck that say I Love You. 


Ty Always BearóBeanie. A cutie with a red rose.

Item:  00475       $  12.95

Ty Texas BearóBeanie. Has I (heart) Texas on the left shoulder.

Item:  398        $  9.49

Ty Heartford BearóBuddy. White bear with a red Valentine bow around its neck. Hind paw soles say. I Love You

Item:  0503       $  14.95

Ty Hero BearóBeanie. Dressed in Camouflage, proudly wearing a flag over his heart.

Item:  01084       $  14.97

Ty #1 BearóBuddy. A bear with a #1 on his left shoulder.

Item:  01085        $  18.00

Ty ChariTee Bearó PGA Beanie donning a plaid cap with the PGA logo on its chest.

Ty Blessed BearóBeanie. A beanie angel, soft and sweet.

Item:  414       $  43.95

Ty Large PawsóClassic. Big brown bear measuring 24 inches tall.

Item:  010394      $  12.95

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Text Box: Beanies are about 6 inches tall.  Buddies are usually larger around 12 to 18 inches.